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So I'm writing this fic.  It's at 29K now and I predict it will wrap up around 45-ish.   I don't have a paid account (and I wouldn't know how to do one anyway), so I can only do my own super lame totally old skool bad-ass non-bubble-button poll:

When you post long fic, do you:

a) Post the whole thing all at once in one hugeongous post?

b) Post it in pieces, say 10K each or so?

c) Eat Fig Newtons?

d) None of the above and let me tell you why...

Thanks so much!  My fear is that it just won't get read -- because it's long, because I'm new and don't have a huge readership yet, because I've only just begun to recruit Sirius/Harry shippers and I have a long way to go, because y'all's BUSY -- so ANY help/advice anyone can give on how best to post in this wonderful HP world would be so gratefully received!  And if you answer and then prompt me, I'll write you the drabble of your choice!  \o/

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Harry is sixteen for a lot of Half Blood Prince, right?  When does he turn seventeen?  And what is the age of consent in England??

Um, thank you.  ;-)  :-)
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Does Seamus think Harry's a nutter throughout Order?  Does he come around at the beginning of HBP?  It doesn't matter drastically for the story that I'm writing -- I can axe it -- but it is bugging me quite a bit.

Thanks in advance!
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Dear HP People,

Okay, I am a shit researcher, and after unsuccessfully going in search of this answer, I thought, well heck, I'll just ask.  I will warn that this question may be triggery for some.

I've written a story that includes (well, the entire thing is) rape under the Imperius curse.  Is there a correct or agreed upon way to warn for that?  Any suggestions, facts, or universal truths would be very welcome!

Thank you in advance!!!


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